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HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter's News

Posted by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter - April 1st, 2023

Happy silly prank day everyone!

So as the title of this implies... yeah I don't got any art piece or animation to post special for today. xD

Remember that Tails from Planet Symma Mario parody toon I posted last month? It was original concived as an April Fools joke but when was able to get it made in time for Mar10 decided to post it then instead. If you missed it go give it a watch right here~

Admittedly last month was quite productive, managed a short's completion in time and have been FINALLY making huge strides on the next proper TFPS episode. If I can maintain the pace am going at I might be confident and saying could have it done in time for August/September time~

For now I return to whittling away at it, again happy April 1st to you all and hope you don't get Rick Rolled too much... people still get Rock Rolled right?




Posted by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter - March 10th, 2023

Welp, March seems to be the month I finally get the momentum building : D

Just released a new Tails from Planet Symma short to fill a gap while working on the next proper episode. Be sure to check it out when you get a chance~ Link to it here.

Plus, that isn't the only bit of animation that will be posted this month! Earlier I got to contribute a bit of animation to the charity livestream called "Runaway Guys Colosseum" for a bumper that aired live on Twitch. Will be posting that later in the month so not spamming. x3

Overall feeling REALLY excited about this year, since got much more down the pipeline : D





Posted by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter - January 31st, 2023

The end of the first month of January is here, and truth be told... Starting to feel some hope for being productive this year : D

While I wasn't able to get as much art completed as hoped, animation was I have been making WAY better strides. Slowly but surly I am getting a rhythm going and assuring my dang traumatized brain that mistakes are not going to bite my finger off. Feeling way more calmer and whittling away at the big toons, am actually feeling confident I can get them done this year.

Here is to February being even more productive then before! : D




Posted by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter - December 31st, 2022

Welp, I already got most of what I needed to say about 2022 out last entry, so this is just a simple celebration of the upcoming year.

Here is to a turn around and for hopefully a productive one! Got a lot of ideas to unleash~

iu_854683_5132682.webproductive year! Got so many ideas that will be itching to get out~



Posted by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter - December 3rd, 2022

Welp, the year is almost over, and a new one is right around the corner.

Reflecting on this past one... yeah it was rough x . x I touched upon it last journal but big thing this year was my struggle with PTSD and my trauma's constantly effecting my ability to get things done, part of why all my toons are a wee bit behind schedule.

Have been working on trying to get that all regulated, though emotional management, especially dealing with trauma, is a constant battle.

But like I said, am working on it, I am making a big push to get these toons done, since I got so many ideas just bursting out of my head that I want to bring to life.

So here is to a new year, to keep going forward!


Posted by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter - November 7th, 2022

Ey peeps on here, been a few months.

Typing here to talk about some plans I have. First thing out of the way... Yeah my big cartoons are most likly going to be pushed to releases next year, this year has been a rollercoaster that's not been properly maintained so been rough trying to make progress on things.

But, in the meantime while I try picking up the pace on them, will be seeing more art from me coming here soon : D Giving all the stuff going on with Twitter I'll be trying to take some of the stuff I did over there, clean them up, and bring them over here.

Want to make an effort to get more of a presence on here, and if I can get more efficient at animating so can get more smaller toons done.

Keep an eye out for new art pieces, and best of luck as the year comes to a close ^ ^



Posted by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter - September 12th, 2022

Ey, so been a bit... Which is unfortunately what happens when you take on two huge cartoon projects xD

There has been some bumps while working on both due to life stuff but have recently been turning around. But in the meantime I managed to get a silly little clip made that I posted to Twitter that wanted to share, just a little test I did to get more practice with 2D rigs

Can check it out here: https://twitter.com/HOwLiNGMAdFox/status/1569107317962178561?s=20&t=-68viHakr4eyhuHfGQibzw

And now... Back to the big toons I go xD




Posted by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter - April 25th, 2022

Ello! So wanted to give an update

Production on the Ms. Pac-Man toon is going smooth, though I defiantly cannot guarantee a release date yet cause what was meant to be a short may now be over 12 minutes in length xD Going to be seeing were I can trim to bring the run time down, and how quickly I can do it.


In other news voice acting for the next Tails from Planet Symma episode has gotten done, so soon I can get to final animation on that production as well as soon as I get some rigs finished for it :3



Posted by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter - April 3rd, 2022

Well now that both the second Tails from Planet Symma episode and the april fools video is done, time to get back to the next projects I have in the works.

Before I go back to TFPS, will be returning to a series that is near and dear to me, this time focusing on the Ms. ; 3

Afterall, Ms Pac-Man is the better game of the original arcade games xD




Posted by HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter - March 4th, 2022

Coming to Newgrounds on the 11th, it's been quite the journey to produce but the next episode of Tails from Planet Symma "What's Funny?" will be releasing! : D